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By Dr. J. Michael Maloney MD FAAD
February 23, 2015
Category: Melanoma
Tags: Melanoma   Skin Cancer  

MelanomaDo you do enough to make sure that the largest organ in your body - your skin - stays free from potentially-fatal diseases and other ailments? After all, you do the same for your other vital organs - your heart, your brain, your lungs - so shouldn't your skin get the preventive treatment it needs to ensure you stay healthy, too?

At Cherry Creek Dermatology, we know it's important to get your skin checked annually, and how not doing so could up your chances for melanoma sneaking into your body undetected. The expert dermatologists on site conduct skin check-ups that determine whether or not your skin shows signs of the frightening and fast-moving skin cancer, while also offering melanoma treatments if the disease is detected.

If your dermatologist finds a mole or skin growth that might signify melanoma, they will remove a small piece of the affected tissue and evaluate it more closely to determine whether or not cancerous cells are present. This process, known as a biopsy, is especially pertinent in the case of melanoma skin cancers, which are behind roughly 75 percent of skin cancer deaths today.
Take a look below at some telling indicators it's time for you to get your skin checked:
  • You haven't had a check-up in a year (or more)
  • You notice a mole that has:
    • irregular borders
    • black, red, or uneven colors
    • grown in size
  • You've had a significant amount of sun exposure
To keep your skin healthy and at a low-melanoma risk before you get over to your nearest dermatologist for a skin check, make sure to wear sunscreen with an SPF of no less than 30. Reapply sunscreen often to keep your skin safe from the sun's virulent ultraviolet rays (which can directly raise your risk for melanoma) and for more radiant, youthful skin.
For more information on melanoma treatment and prevention in the Denver, CO, area, give one of the expert dermatologists at Cherry Creek Dermatology a call at (303) 388-5629 today for full skin relief!



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